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Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. 

Topics covered in this policy:

 About our Privacy Policy
 About Your Personal Information
 How Protects Your Information
 Use of Your Personal Information 
 How to Avoid Receiving Newsletters and Other Materials 
 Who Views Your Personal Information 
 Making a Purchase 
 Children Under 13 
 Cookies on
 About Social Commerce and Other Third Parties 
 Questions About This Policy 


About our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers any personal information that As I Am obtains from you when you use services or features on our site, (the "Site"). You may be accessing our Site from a computer or mobile phone device [through a personal digital assistant (PDA), for example] and this policy governs your use of our Site regardless of the means of access. You may also interact with us on third party sites where we post content or invite your feedback, such as facebook,, blogs and YouTube, ("Third Party Sites"). This policy does not cover the privacy practices of those Third Party Sites, or of companies that As I Am does not own or control, or the actions of people that As I Am does not employ or manage. You should check the privacy policies of those third parties when providing personal information. Our Terms of Use for the Site provides additional information about how we can interact with you via Third Party Sites.

Our Privacy Policy is subject to future changes. Please check back periodically to see if changes have been made. By using the Site, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy. If you are in disagreement with the terms of our Privacy Policy, you should not use our Site. For more information about the terms of use for this site, please see Terms of Use. 


About Your Personal Information

Depending on how you use, we may ask you to share personal information with us. Whether you choose to provide such information is completely up to you, but keep in mind that if you withhold certain information, some of our services may not be useable.

For each visitor to our Web site, our Web server records only the consumer's domain name, but not the E-mail address. We also collect aggregate information on what pages consumers visit. This information is used to improve the content of our Web site. Shopping cart contents are anonymous until an actual order is placed. 

 E-mail addresses are collected from those who communicate with us via E-mail, place orders via our website, or who provide us with E-mail addresses in any other communications. does not sell, rent, or loan customer E-mail addresses to any other parties. 

 Your e-mail address will be used to send your order and shipping confirmations, and for other relevant correspondence regarding your order. We may also send you occasional email notices relating to our products or services. If you do not want to receive email from us in the future, please message us or unsubscribe via the email. 


When Personal Information is Collected will ask you for information, including some personal information, if you use one of several services: Email Sign up and Store.


Registered User Enrollment. In order to become a registered user, some personal information is required, such as your name and email address. You do not have to be a registered user to visit the Site. But, you will have to register if you want to make full use of our services. Once you register, you will have an account with and a unique password to access your account. The use of another person's account and password without permission is strictly prohibited. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password. Please also let us know immediately of any unauthorized use of your account or password. We recommend that you always log out from your account at the end of a session with to prevent unauthorized access of your account. You should keep your registration current and complete.


Making a purchase. When you buy something on, you must provide credit card information, a billing address, phone number and shipping address.


Sweepstakes, Contests and Surveys. If you enter a sweepstakes or contest, or answer a survey, you will become a registered user (if you aren't one already). You may also be asked for some demographic information, such as your age. If you choose not to answer, you may not be able to participate in the sweepstakes, contest or survey.


Our interactive services. We invite your questions, comments, opinions and feedback. We will offer several interactive Question & Answer services, including "Tips of Joy" and "Ask The Scientists". We may also collect information from e-mails you send to and to our advisors. We use this information for product and site analysis only.

Other interactive services may be offered in the future and this Privacy Policy will also govern your use of those services. To use any of these interactive services, you must be a registered user, and any personal information you submit will become part of your profile. Please review our Terms of Use for the Site for further explanation of your interactive services participation.


Public Information. Please note that if you choose to share information about yourself in an open format, such as through a Third Party Site like Facebook or Twitter, or in the user-generated content elements of our own Site, such information will be considered public information - and not personal information.


How Protects Your Information

Physical, electronic and procedural safeguards are maintained to protect your personal information. Industry-standard 128 bit Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") authentication is used to guarantee the confidentiality of online transactions made on our site. SSL authentication and encryption of the information that you send to us over the Internet help protect your online transaction information from third party interception.

  • Your full credit card number will never be displayed once it has been entered. Only the last four digits will be revealed for credit card verification purposes.
  • We urge you to protect your own privacy. We strongly recommend against sharing your password with anyone or providing your password in any unsolicited phone call or e-mail.

Unfortunately, despite all of our efforts, there always remains a risk that third parties may unlawfully intercept transmissions. For example, the security of your data during transmission to us via an iPhone or other PDA's that use iPhone applications); on your Twitter page or on another computer cannot be ensured. This reality is true of all Internet or data transmission use. As a result, we cannot ensure the security of any information you transmit, and you transmit all information at your own risk.

 You can help confirm that you are in a secure area by looking for the closed padlock symbol on your browser. 


Use of Your Personal Information collects personal information primarily to make our services more accessible and valuable for you. Usually this information is used for internal purposes, such as studying our customers' preferences. We may also use your information to contact you for account and promotional purposes.

In the event that another company buys the assets or stock of As I Am, your personal information may then belong to another entity.


How to Avoid Receiving Newsletters and Other Materials

We may use e-mail addresses to send out newsletters and other announcements with information about new As I Am products, gifts, promotions and special events.


Who Views Your Personal Information

As I Am may share your personal information with companies that perform services for us, such as fulfilling orders, delivering packages, sending postal mail and e-mails, analyzing customer data, providing marketing assistance, processing credit card payments, investigating fraudulent activity, conducting customer surveys, and providing customer service. These companies may be granted access to personal information as needed to perform their functions, but may not disclose your personally identifiable information for other purposes.

Some personal information is stored on servers owned by other companies. Only As I Am has the right to access this information.

We may share aggregate information about our customers with advertisers and marketing partners. This information does not identify individual users.

Any personal information that you include in your profile or in any content submitted when using our interactive services like may be displayed on our site, so please consider this before submitting any such content. Please don't submit any information that you don't want distributed.

Personal information may be disclosed if required by law. does not currently sell, rent, loan or license personal information. does not share any personal information with third party affiliates.


Making a Purchase 

When you buy something on, you have to provide a billing address, phone number, shipping address, and credit card information. 


Children Under 13

We comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, designed to protect children. Federal law requires that special steps be taken to safeguard children's privacy. Children under the age of 13 can look at our Site, but cannot make a purchase, cannot become a registered user, or use any service on our Site that requests personal information. Purchases for children under 13 must be placed by an adult. 


Cookies on 

Cookies are small bits of text that your Web browser software stores on your computer when you visit some web sites. may use cookies to help make it easier for you to use our site. 

 For example, a cookie may be used to retrieve your shopping cart contents on a return visit. This cookie contains absolutely no personal information about you. The cookie file is merely a text file, and the cookie we may add is nothing but a line of text. 

 We also may collect some anonymous information about how you use the site by setting and accessing cookies on your computer. These cookies track information such as how often you visit our web site, what pages you view, and where you go after you leave the site. The cookies track your computer, not you. They are not connected to any personal information about you. 


Social Commerce and Other Third Parties

We work with trusted third parties, including social network sites like Facebook, and with application developers who specialize in social commerce so we can connect to your social networks. We provide access to our Sites by third parties and business partners so we can generate interest in our products among members of your social networks and to allow you to share product interests with friends in your network.

 The use of any features made available to you on our Site by a third party may result in information being collected or shared about you by the third party. Information collected or shared through any such third party features is considered "public information" by us because the Third Party Sites made it publicly available. If you do not want us to be able to access information about you from Third Party Sites, you must instruct Third Party Sites not to share the information. We cannot control how your data is collected, stored, used or shared by Third Party Sites or to whom it is disclosed. Please be sure to review the privacy policies and privacy settings on your social networking sites to make sure you understand the information they are sharing. If you do not want a Third Party Site to share information about you, you must contact that site and determine whether it gives you the opportunity to opt out of sharing such information. is not responsible for how these third parties may use information collected from or about you. However, we do identify any areas on our Sites where third parties share information about you.

We reserve the right to remove the information of any person which we deem to be inconsistent with our ideals or otherwise inappropriate for public association with our company. We may remove from our Site, in our sole discretion, any product offering or any photo or product description relating thereto.


Questions About This Policy

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or the content or practices of our website, you can email us at